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Supporting Community Efforts
  • 30 years experience in the utility industry
  • 16 years active participation in environmental regulatory policy
  • Certified by the California Energy Commission for Conservation and Renewable Energy Sources to perform energy audits and inspections.
  • Certified by Southern California Gas Company to perform Outreach & Low Income Assessment
  • Certified by the California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System to perform residential energy assessments
  • Certified by Southern California Edison Company to perform energy audits for conservation and demand side management programs.
  • Recipient of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's "Clean Air Award for Excellence in Promoting Good Environmental Stewardship"
  • Former Governor's Appointee to the South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board.
  • Recipient of the National Hydrogen Association's Award for Excellence in Education and Outreach


President / CEO
Cynthia Verdugo-Peralta

Ms. Verdugo-Peralta has over 19 years of extensive experience facilitating strategic business partnerships. This has included educating and assisting minority and women owned businesses regarding competitiveness, in addition to matching them to federal, state and local contracting opportunities. She has managed the DOE’s Environmental Small Business Assistance program, focusing on environmental minority and women-owned businesses.

Ms. Verdugo-Peralta is a certified Energy Efficiency Specialist with 30 years experience in the utility industry, and, as a small business owner from 1989 to 2004, specializing in the areas of energy and the environment.



Ms. Verdugo-Peralta has served as the Governor's Appointee to the South Coast Air Quality District Governing Board. Appointed in April of 2000, by Governor Davis, she became the first Hispanic female to be appointed to this prestigious and powerful Board. She was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in April 2001, becoming the first individual to be confirmed to this position in approximately eleven years, and was reappointed and confirmed to a second term in 2003. Ms. Verdugo-Peralta served on several South Coast AQMD standing committees including Local Government & Small Business, Permit Streamlining and Technology. In addition she chaired the Ethnic Community Advisory Group, which includes the African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Latino and Native American Caucuses.

Ms. Verdugo-Peralta previously represented the SCAQMD as Chair on the Steering Team of the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CAFCP). In 2004, she was selected to represent all 35 state Air Pollution Control Districts on Governor Schwarzenegger's Hydrogen Highway Net Advisory Panel.

Due to her in-depth knowledge of Energy, the Environment, and Clean Transportation Technologies, she has made several presentations on these subjects, both domestically and internationally. This included the World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Montreal, Canada, where she was asked to present a white paper she authored on “Accelerating Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure by Jointly Harnessing Resources with CNG Refueling Stations.” In addition she has served on the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative and represented the South Coast AQMD for the DOE’s International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy.

She is a recipient of the following awards:

  • South Coast Air Quality Management District’s prestigious “Clean Air Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship".
  • International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association's “Appreciation for Outstanding Contributions and Leadership in Transportation.”
  • National Hydrogen Association's Award for Excellence in Education and Outreach.

Ms. Verdugo-Peralta also previously served as President of the Executive Board of Directors for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, California Chapter. She is also past President of Professional Hispanics in Energy, a non-profit organization providing energy and environmental information to the Latino community.

Ms. Verdugo-Peralta is a native Californian who is concerned about improving our environment, while balancing the needs for a healthy economy.


Program Analyst / Director of Donations
Marisa Peralta-Ferderer

Ms. Peralta-Ferderer has extensive customer service and energy efficiency experience. She is trained through Southern California Edison's Small Business Energy Survey Program to conduct onsite energy efficiency and conservation surveys and inspections. She was also certified by the Gas Company for their Low-Income Eligibility Assessment for Weatherization program. She has also performed on site energy audits and installation verification inspections on behalf of Southern California Edison, Metropolitan Water District and Southwest Gas Corporation.

In addition, Ms. Peralta-Ferderer coordinates our contributions program, providing information to our generous donors and coordinating annual contributions. Ms. Peralta-Ferderer can be reached at (714) 267-7160.

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